Education – Around the World

They Don’t Get to Go to School

Too many of the families we serve have to choose between eating and sending their kids to school.

The lower a family’s income, the less it is a choice. Eating trumps school, every time. So instead of learning to read and write, their kids work.

They spend hours hauling water, searching trash dumps for recyclables to sell, working in the fields alongside their parents or even begging. It’s no kind of childhood, but it’s the only way to survive.

Before we can get children into school, we have to find out what’s keeping them out. When we remove those barriers, families have a real choice again. And most of the moms and dads we serve choose school for their kids. They know that education opens doors to a host of new options.

How We Do It

Getting children into school requires that we help provide good food and nutrition, health and water, and livelihoods that will sustain their families.

It’s a grand vision that can’t become reality without heroes like you. Take a look and see where you can help.

Feeding Programs

Children learn best when their bellies are full, so we provide hot meals every school day. Partners, including 4Life (makers of Fortify rice) and Nu Skin (makers of VitaMeal) donate high-quality, highly nutritious supplements to the food children eat at school. This makes sure their bodies grow strong and stay well, as their bellies are filled.


Community sponsors can help a school upgrade or build permanent kitchens and dining areas. This also provides jobs to local moms preparing healthy lunches for students in the school kitchen. And eventually, as the community grows more independent, families take over the entire feeding program, stocking it with vegetables from their gardens, eggs and milk from their animals, and the money to purchase what isn’t donated.

Teachers and Classrooms

Teachers need tools like well-lit classrooms that stay dry in the rain, desks, school supplies, clean water, kitchens and bathroom facilities. By partnering with local carpenters, we build desks for classrooms. Community sponsors help fund clean water projects and construction of enough latrines to serve the whole school and can actually be cleaned. Corporations donate school supplies and backpacks so that parents don’t have to choose between eating and sending their kids to school.

Flexible Schedules

Even after they begin to learn new trades, build stronger businesses and grow their own food, many families still cannot send their children to school all day. They still need help with the farms or businesses. We help create schedules that allow children to help where needed at home and still spend time in the classroom.