Education – Around the World

In order to help children stay in school, we must first discover what’s keeping them out. When we remove those barriers, families will recognize that education can open the doors to future opportunities.

We believe that all children deserve the right to enroll, feel safe, and complete a high-quality education that promotes lifelong learning. We work to empower children to grow into productive citizens in their communities through the benefits of education.

Children get the education they deserve

School Meals Program

School meals are an incentive for parents to enroll their children in school and for children to attend school regularly. We provide children with hot meals every day because they learn best when they are able to focus and engaged in their lessons. Partners, including 4Life (makers of Fortify rice) and Nu Skin (makers of VitaMeal), donate highly nutritious products which volunteer mothers then use to prepare meals for children to eat at school.

Community engagement and volunteers are a critical component of our school meals programs. Caregivers prepare healthy lunches for students in the school kitchen, and as the community grows more independent, families take over the entire meals program. They can stock it with vegetables from their gardens, eggs and milk from their animals, and the money to purchase additional food that isn’t donated.

Teachers and Classrooms

Well-lit classrooms that stay dry during rain, sturdy desks, appropriate school supplies, clean water, hygienic kitchens, and clean bathroom facilities all contribute to safe and conducive learning environments. By employing local carpenters, sturdy desks are built for classrooms. With funding from donors, communities have the resources for clean water projects, and schools have enough latrines to serve the students and teachers. This encourages children, particularly girls, to attend school. Because of the donation of school supplies and backpacks from corporate partners, parents can send their kids to school without worrying about how to pay certain school fees.

We also support Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs). Here, parents and teachers alike can establish a robust educational system that ensures the sustainability of the school.