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Nicole’s Community: How a Community and Children Succeed

Undoubtedly, parents want what is best for their children. They want to see all of their kids’ dreams come true and watch them grow and succeed in the future.

A woman getting supplies out of a box

Why “Essentials” Are Essential for Families?

At every Feed the Children food distribution event, families receive not only food but also essential items like shampoo and toothpaste. These supplies are crucial for their well-being, helping them maintain their dignity.
A boy sitting outdoors in a field

The Importance of Monthly Giving

Every day, your contributions to Feed the Children are transforming lives. From providing meals and essentials in the US to ensuring children in eight countries have clean water and education, your support makes a profound impact.
A girl with her arm on Feed the Children boxes outdoors

How Your Donation Goes 9X Farther

Every dollar you donate to Feed the Children multiplies into a bounty of hope, transforming into nine dollars’ worth of food and essentials for those in need. It’s a testament to the power of collective compassion, where in-kind gifts amplify the impact of your generosity.
A child looking at the camera sitting in a gym

Five Facts about Summer Hunger

Summer’s arrival should herald joy for children, yet for many, it marks the beginning of a hunger they can’t escape. Let’s shine a light on this hidden struggle and nourish the future of America.
A group of children raising their hands

Summer Hunger Causes More than an Empty Stomach

In the land of plenty, summer brings an unexpected shadow over the lives of millions of children who rely on school meals. As the final school bell rings, the specter of hunger looms, turning a time of freedom into a period of struggle for families across the nation.
Shelves of food and resources at an Atlanta hub

Food and Essentials in Atlanta Schools

Feed the Children’s Hubs in 260 schools offer vital nourishment and supplies, ensuring students can pursue education and dreams unhampered by hunger or scarcity. They’re not just food stops—they’re springboards to success, safeguarding each child’s future.
A mother holding her baby in front of trees

How You’ve Helped Mothers Around the World

Mothers worldwide share a common dream for their children’s happiness and health, often overcoming great challenges. Their stories, from diverse corners of the world, highlight the crucial role of support in nurturing hope and resilience.
A group of volunteers filling boxes in a warehouse
A child holding a box outdoors at an event
A child standing outside a house in Africa
A mother and father with their daughter outdoors on a driveway
A teacher in a classroom teaching children in africa
A child sitting alone in a classroom at a desk

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