By donating cryptocurrency you can help hungry kids. Through our cryptocurrency fundraising relationships with The Giving Block and Gemini Trust Exchange, we can accept multiple cryptocurrencies. Please consult with your financial planner to determine your tax benefits.

Crypto Coins

Cryptocurrency FAQs

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies which operate like ordinary money such as dollars, pounds or euros, but have no physical counterparts. They exist only in electronic form. Millions of people use cryptocurrencies such as ELONGATE, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others for various transactions.

How does it work? The IRS classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and are tax-deductible. When you donate cryptocurrency to a registered charity, you can deduct it on your taxes. In other words, your crypto donations can often reduce your tax burden.

Does Feed the Children hold cryptocurrency? No, we do not. We are able to convert these gifts into dollars as soon as we receive them through our partnership with The Giving Block.

What is The Giving Block? The Giving Block equips non-profits to give supporters and organizations alike an easy to use cryptocurrency donation tool.

Can I donate anonymously and still get a tax receipt? We have an option for donors to submit only an email in order to receive an automatic tax receipt.