Corporate Partners

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The Power of Partnership

Our generous corporate partners are key to the work we do at Feed the Children. These organizations make it possible to maximize our efforts, through monetary donations and gift-in-kind support. We are very proud of the relationships we have built with brands that believe in our mission and unite with us to lift up communities.

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Interested in partnering with Feed the Children? Fill out a quick form and download our ACTION overview.

Consistent Support Through ACTION

Our goal is to support communities across the U.S. with predictable and consistent resources. This need sparked ACTION - our partnership program that addresses hunger on a deeper level and empowers communities. With a menu of sponsorship options that provide communities the help they need and corporate sponsors a clearly defined approach to get behind, ACTION is designed to be customizable and foster co-branding opportunities.

Giving is Good for All

Beyond the primary goal of human impact, corporate giving can offer other benefits to the sponsor organization.

Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

A strong Corporate Social Responsibility strategy can lift brand reputation with consumers and employees.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be strong among those who understand a brand’s goals and recognize their communications and motives as authentic.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Activating customers with cause campaigns can deepen loyalty and motivate brand advocates who amplify your purpose.

Zero Waste Initiatives

Zero Waste Initiatives

Keeping unused product out of landfills can benefit the environment, a brand’s reputation and the bottom line.

Partnership in ACTION

"I'm very grateful for the communities getting together and taking care of the people who live within them, instead of turning a blind eye to those in need."

Attaining a High Standard

Feed the Children has been serving communities globally for over 40 years. We hold our work to a very high standard, with stringent auditing practices in place to give our donors assurance their contributions are used wisely and effectively.

Our Partners

To all our partners, we cannot thank you enough. Your support is crucial to so many families. To those considering a partnership, you are in very good company. We hope your organization will take ACTION with us. Please contact us to learn more.