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Partnering for Zero Hunger

Feed the Children is proud to partner with Herbalife Nutrition, joining their global Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative.

A leader in the global nutrition industry, Herbalife Nutrition provides nutritious food and other products through a network of independent distributors to customers in 94 countries worldwide.

The Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative focuses on expanding access to healthy food, identifying sustainable food resources, improving nutrition education as well as advocacy and raising awareness on the global hunger crisis.

As a lead partner in the initiative, Feed the Children will benefit from Herbalife Nutrition’s support of our programs as we work together to end hunger around the world.

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The Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative addresses key pandemic problems, and through our work with our partners like Feed the Children, we hope to build a world where everyone has access to quality food and nutrition.
Dr. John Agwunobi
Co-President and Chief Nutrition Officer
Herbalife Nutrition

Committed to raising awareness of the growing issue of global food insecurity, Herbalife Nutrition, in partnership with Feed the Children under the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, developed and fielded a global survey on food insecurity survey to better understand the effect on families, many of whom are experiencing this challenge for the first time due to the impact of the global pandemic. The survey shed light on how those experiencing food insecurity for the first time are managing to keep their families fed, their biggest concerns for their children, and their general knowledge around healthy eating.

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Covid-19 Response

Herbalife and Feed the Children have been partnering together since 2019. In that time, we’ve launched co-branded programs centered around volunteering, cause marketing, employee engagement, disaster relief, and product donations.

When COVID-19 hit, our partnership only grew stronger as a result. By working together, Herbalife and Feed the Children have delivered food and essentials to those in need both inside and outside the United States, including providing support for a 9 week feeding initiative targeting hard-hit communities in Los Angeles.

Committed to Ending Hunger

Hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition affect billions of people every day, and according to the United Nations’ State of Food Insecurity 2020 Report, rates are rising.

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As a part of our Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, we are proud to work with organizations like Feed the Children to support struggling families in need.

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Feed the Children: Working Together to End Childhood Hunger

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