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A boy with food in front of a blue background

USDA Announces $2B in Funding to Fight Hunger

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced yesterday that it will provide close to $2 billion in additional funding to food banks, emergency food systems and school meal programs to help fight food insecurity in the U.S. 

With today’s higher food and gas prices and sustained economic uncertainty, lower-income families—those hit hardest by the turmoil of the last two years—now confront more hardships than usual. For many Americans, and especially parents, this reality forces them to make formidable choices, and their children face increased food insecurity as a result. Unfortunately, this is happening at a time when America’s food banks are reporting severe shortages, with some spending 10 times more than they usually do to keep up with demand. 

We can all agree that access to healthy food options and nutrition are important for children’s physical and mental health, their growth and development, and their overall well-being. Feed the Children is proud to work with a network of community partners across the U.S. to deliver food, essentials and additional resources to families in their communities. The additional funds from USDA will provide a critical lifeline to millions of Americans who don’t always know where their next meal will come from. Working together, we can fill the gap between what families can afford and what their children need to thrive.

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