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The Importance of Monthly Giving

Every day, your gifts to Feed the Children are making a difference:

Somewhere in the US, a mom is making dinner with items from a Feed the Children box – tonight, her kids won’t go to bed hungry. A high schooler experiencing homelessness is able to take food, shampoo, and deodorant from the Food and Essentials Hub located at their school.

In eight countries internationally, children are drinking clean water, receiving vitamins and nutritional support, and being provided with school supplies their families could otherwise not afford. Their futures are healthier, happier, and bright.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what your donations can accomplish!

When you become a monthly donor, your gift has an even greater impact. A monthly investment allows Feed the Children to budget for a long-term, planned approach to our programs. In other words, your monthly gift is a crucial part of our strategy!

Our monthly supporters know how important their gifts are:

“I choose to donate monthly, because I want to help provide food for children all year long,
said Harper, one monthly donor. “I feel good knowing I’m helping more people. Spreading out my support over the year helps me plan my personal budget, too!”

Another benefit is that you’ll continue to help a worthy cause without having to do anything extra – a monthly gift is “set-and-forget.” As one monthly donor, Greg, said, “Monthly giving is a great way for me to keep helping, even when the idea of donation slips my mind from time to time. I know I am still making a difference.”

Another donor, Megan, tells us: “Being a monthly donor is special to me because it allows me to contribute consistently to a cause I deeply care about, creating a lasting impact over time. It gives me a sense of purpose knowing that my regular contributions help sustain essential programs and services that help children have a better life!”

Monthly donors are a special community of individuals, and we want to recognize that! Feed the Children recently launched a special, monthly-donors-only newsletter to provide insights into the work you’re supporting! You’ll get a first-hand look at stories from the people you’ve helped.

With help from donors like you, we can continue to ensure that 93% of all contributions made to Feed the Children go directly to feeding, education, and other programs! Consider becoming a monthly donor today, and help us do even more to make sure no child goes to bed hungry.

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