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Polaroid style photos of a family of three

The Full-time Caregiver

Meet the mother sharing love in all she does 

Upon first meeting Annika, you can feel her love and positivity—for her children, her community and her life. Her devotion and optimism radiate to those around her, as seen in the spirit of her two daughters. 

Love drives everything Annika does for her family. That’s why you’d never guess her story or her situation. 

Sharing love 

Annika often faces the difficult choice between paying bills and buying food. If there is only enough food for the kids, she will be the one who goes without. 

“I work 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and clean houses on the weekends to keep a roof over my kids’ heads. It’s not enough to afford food for three kids and me, so I even limit myself from eating so they can eat.”  

But love for her children and care from others keeps Annika going, despite the impossible choices she has to make. Each season brings a new difficulty Annika must confront.

Finding solutions 

Her three kids are home all day during the summer, so she talks with them about appropriate portions and not overeating to make sure they all get enough. 

Going back to school provides much-needed relief for a hardworking mom because of the free meals the kids receive at school, but it also brings anxiety since school supplies are expensive. Annika makes sure to afford the required school essentials including backpacks, pencils, pens and notebooks for the kids. But as those costs add up, fewer groceries can make it to the table.  

During Christmas, Annika relies on foundations to provide gifts for her kids, choosing paying bills and buying food over presents. 

Your love strengthens 

“It feels terrible when you can’t provide for your kids, but you try to do what you must. Donors are amazing. You do a fantastic job of helping families and kids.” 

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