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A girl with her arm on Feed the Children boxes outdoors

How Your Donation Goes 9X Farther

A gift to Feed the Children is worth much more than it seems at face value. For every dollar donated, we’re able to give hungry children and families nine dollars in food and essentials. How’s that possible? It takes a team of caring people, just like you!

For decades, Feed the Children has partnered with generous businesses and organizations. When they donate goods – like food, hygiene items, clothing, or any wide variety of items – we don’t have to purchase them with your donated dollars.

These donations are called in-kind donations. These types of donations can include physical property, intangible assets like copyrights and patents, services, or rent-free spaces. For example, a canned goods company donates pallets of green beans to Feed the Children, and we put those cans inside our food boxes. This is an in-kind donation.

These types of donations help us access goods that might otherwise be too expensive to purchase. In-kind donations also help us free up resources. At Feed the Children, we have many long-time corporate partners who donate generously, helping to fill the food and essentials boxes. We’re able to use our resources to purchase the other items needed to complete the boxes.

Here’s a simple explanation on how your donation goes NINE TIMES further, thanks to in-kind donations and our generous corporate partners.

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