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Shari’s Caring

“Oh my God, I have never seen nothing like this. It is beautiful. Yeah, I am amazed.”

Shari has lived in the same neighborhood for 20 years. She’s seen people come and go, and watched the area decline over time. Her daughter passed away years ago from cancer, but Shari stayed to raise the grandkids –five of them, all girls.

Charitable organizations sometimes visit. People from churches will come to play with the kids. Sometimes they’ll bring food or other supplies for those in need. But Shari says that the help is irregular, and she understands all too well the importance of essentials beyond just food.

When Shari attended a Feed the Children distribution event in her hometown, she was amazed. Her boxes contained so much more than just food. They included things that Shari and her granddaughters need to go through their day-to-day life with dignity.

“All kinds of Avon perfume. Food. Cans of food that you like. Books, makeup kit, facial for your face, and every-Oh my God, I could use everything. Shampoo, toothbrushes.They are going to enjoy the lipstick, the nail polish, oh my goodness.”

Shari gave up the idea of retirement for her grandchildren’s sake, and she never complained once. She finds a way to take care of them when it seems like there is no way. And even with five growing girls to feed, Shari’s beautiful smile shines with so much love for the people around her.

“This meant a lot to me. A lot. I ain’t going to cry, but it meant a lot.”

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