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A woman and her two children sitting outdoors

Nicole’s Community: How a Community and Children Succeed

Undoubtedly, parents want what is best for their children. They want to see all of their kids’ dreams come true and watch them grow and succeed in the future. 

Access to food and resources to change a community is how children can change the trajectory of their lives and move past the poverty cycle that often keeps families trapped. Nicole’s village is a remarkable example of how children and communities can change with help and education. 

A lack of energy, falling behind in school, and malnourishment, in Nicole’s community of La Ilusion this was the reality for children and parents. Across the globe, 1 in 3 children under five suffer from malnourishment, affecting their growth and education. And in their small community, families often did not have enough money to buy a pound of corn or beans, the staples of their diets. 

“I felt sad because I would watch my mother and father struggle to get food for my sister and me. I was worried because sometimes we only ate one meal a day,” said Nicole.  

mom with children outside home

This is where their story takes a turn… 

The parents in their community understand the importance of a good education and realize proper nutrition plays a role in the children’s performance at school. But due to economic hardships, families often don’t have enough money to buy the resources to keep food on the table. 

An important part of changing the cycle of poverty is education on building up the livelihoods of the people in a village and incorporating a Child-Focused Community Development plan. Providing the skills for parents to stimulate the social, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions needed for kids to thrive. 

Nicole’s mom, Mrs. Santos, and other ladies in the community began a Care Group to teach other village parents about health and nutrition. They share the ideal care needed during pregnancy and the importance of breastfeeding. 

She has also started selling her weaving, providing an additional income for their family and allowing them to purchase food. Thanks to the help, she says,“ My daughters have good health and are happy, and they will be able to finish school and, hopefully, realize their dreams and goals in life.” 

And Now… 

Mrs. Santos and La Ilusion continue to be inspired by their community’s growth thanks to the Care Group’s evolution and the ability to increase food in their homes and school. Their next step is building a “Hygiene Corner” in the schools to teach their children the importance of good hygiene and proper hygiene practices, which excites them. 

With your help, we can assist communities like Nicole’s with access to food and resources for sustainability around the world. Thank you for believing in a world where no child goes to bed hungry and for taking this journey with us. 

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