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A child smiling in Africa while getting water

New Dawn

It’s not rare for kids to skip school, whether it’s to get into mischief with friends or just avoid algebra. But for a long time, students at Sunrise School in Gulu, Uganda, were skipping for a much more serious reason. There were no working bathroom facilities, just a single rudimentary latrine made by parents, and students, especially girls, didn’t feel comfortable using it. Students also weren’t able to thoroughly wash their hands, which sometimes led to serious illness. 

Thankfully, those days are now behind the students of Sunrise! Feed the Children helped construct a latrine block with separate bathrooms for the girls and the boys and improved handwashing facilities. Our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training has also helped students stay healthy and free of disease. 

Clean water is a big deal. Most of us take it for granted when it comes from our taps, but students at Sunrise and their families were used to either walking miles every day for water from government-made boreholes or gambling on potentially unsafe water from local streams and unprotected wells. So, during our work at Sunrise, it only made sense to drill boreholes for safe drinking water, too.  

We’re only able to accomplish these things thanks to your support. Although water and bathrooms might seem simple, to these students they make a world of difference – just ask them: 


 “I am now happy, because I go to a nearby school and can help my mother fetch water after class.” – Gladys, 14 

Before Sunrise opened, children like Gladys had to walk miles to attend class. Often, the trek was too much for the youngest students, and they simply started school at an older age, resulting in a delayed education. But now, students of all ages can thrive! 


 “Feed the Children and its supporters have given us school materials, which have helped us remain steady and concentrate in class.” – Grace, 15 

While your gifts help provide classroom materials (like books, notebooks and writing utensils) for students, the most important resources you provide are meals. Feed the Children’s school meal program gives Sunrise students a free, nutritious meal each day to help keep students focused on learning, not on hunger.  


“I love going to my school!” – Prisca, 4 

Enough said! 


When kids are able to go to school and have the resources they need to thrive there, amazing things can happen. We’re so excited to see what the future holds for these young people, thanks to your support! 

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