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Marco’s Road to Hope

Marco knows the moment he hit rock bottom. He was homeless with a drug addiction and had resorted to stealing to support his habit. Eventually, Marco was arrested. Facing a year in prison, he was sitting in a jail cell, realizing he needed help and didn’t want to continue living the way he was.  

“I had lost everyone, because of the habit I developed. And so, I felt like I had no other option, but just to give the Lord a chance.” 

Marco had no idea how to get out of this situation, and his only hope was divine intervention. His prayers were answered quickly. 

Marco was allowed to join a local one-year, residential recovery program, and he took it seriously. One year flew by, and then another surprise hit Marco. He learned that he was the father to an 11-year-old boy. 

Marco standing with his son outdoors

Marco described the news as “amazing” and “overwhelming” all at the same time. He hadn’t quite landed on his feet, but he was ready to take on the responsibility of being a father. Again, Marco had another prayer answered when a family shelter was willing to take in Marco and his son, Daniel. 

“It feels amazing to have a roof over my head that me and my son could share, and most important having that time to develop a relationship with him and giving me an opportunity to be a father for my son,” Marco said. 

Even with its challenges, Marco has fully embraced the good, the bad, and the uncertainty of parenthood. The pair still experience some hard times.  

 “Times like these are very stressful because I can’t provide for him as much as he wants, but I do see a future, and we do talk about how, one day, we will have our own place. But it is very stressful not being able to provide for him.” 

Thanks to donors like you, some of the pressure is off Marco. He’s been able to get food and hygiene items from a local Feed the Children partner agency when they need it most. 

“There are basic necessities that we need, and they help us out because it keeps me focused on where I’m headed.” 

Marco sitting with his son outdoors

Marco is working on his GED, in hopes of getting a job that will support him and Daniel.  

“If I was by myself, then I could just pick up a job and I could sustain myself, but now that I have a son, I feel like I have to look out for him, and I do see my future. I want to do good in my future,” Marco told us. 

As for Daniel, he has a simple answer when we asked what makes him happy. 

“Me and my dad being together.” 

But Marco is thinking of bigger plans for Daniel. 

“I would like for him to at least go to college. That way I know that I did everything I could just to set him down the right path and keep him away from the wrong path.” 

Helping people realize their full potential is rewarding. And you’ve played a role in restoring Marco’s faith in a bright future. You’ve helped him turn his life around and realize he could be a good father. Your gifts bring more than food. They bring a hopeful life. On behalf of Marco, Daniel and so many others, thank you! 

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