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A young girl standing near laundry outdoors

Lineda’s Village

Lineda lives with her grandmother in Bele, a small locality in Saint Rock in the communal section of Dufresney, in Haiti. Bele is a coastal village with a population of about 10 families. Most residents make their living as street vendors and small business owners.

Before the arrival of Feed the Children in the Bele community, many families had a hard time sending their children to school. There just weren’t enough resources to go around. Lineda told us that after the passing of her mother, she had a very hard life. Her grandmother had to struggle every day to provide for them. As a young girl, Lineda wanted to help, but there was little that she could do.

Thanks to programs implemented in schools, Feed the Children has brought relief to parents in Bele. The schools now have hand washing stations and dedicated kitchen spaces, which are a great help to the community. Sanitary food preparation and cooking reduces the risk of bacterial diseases. Lineda’s grandmother volunteers as a cook for her school, and she receives a small monthly monetary donation for her work.

In a country where 58% of the population lives below the poverty line, Lineda is seeing the difference. Now that she has turned fifteen, she hopes to complete her education and start a small business as a seamstress. Lineda told us that the meals she receives at school are a great help, and her grandmother is happy to have work that supports the community. Through the hard work and dedication of Feed the Children volunteers and community members, Bele is on the path to empowerment.

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