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A mother holding her baby in front of trees

How You’ve Helped Mothers Around the World

All mothers want the same thing: for their children to grow up happy, healthy, and loved. When faced with challenges – the death of a partner, job loss, or simply an inhospitable environment – mothers are willing to sacrifice for their children’s sake.

But sometimes, even super-moms need extra support. Your donations have been making a difference in the lives of mothers and their children in the U.S. and around the world for over 40 years.

Janice – Lamdas, Philippines

Janice and her husband both work hard to support their family. He is a carpenter, and often travels into town to find jobs. This leaves Janice in charge of the household.

Their eldest son has cerebral palsy, and Janice is his primary caregiver. His condition means that he requires more time and resources than his siblings. Janice worried about how this would affect them – especially with their financial challenges when it came time for school.

A Feed the Children program in their area provided her three younger children with school supplies. Janice was able to save money for food and other necessities, and her kids were able to continue their education!

A mother and her two children hugging each other outdoors

Annie – Arkansas

When Annie’s husband lost his job in the pandemic, their family struggled to adjust. With their new budget, food was the biggest problem.

“There were days where I was hungry. I know my husband was hungry, but he wasn’t going to say he was,” Annie said. “But when I saw my children eat and get full, I got full just watching them.“

While her husband looked for work, Annie turned to a local Feed the Children community partner for help. Not only did they give her family food, but also hygiene items and household supplies to help get them through the rough patch.

Catherine – Nairobi, Kenya

Catherine lives in a settlement on the outskirts of an industrial area in Nairobi. Living conditions are crowded and sometimes unsafe. Her home, like many of those in the settlement, is a single room made from corrugated iron sheets.

Her youngest child got sick a lot because of the environment. Catherine did her best to keep baby Gabrielle healthy but often felt at a loss for what to do. A Feed the Children Care Group in her community helped provide Catherine and other mothers with information, training, and resources.

“I am happy that Gabrielle rarely gets sick,” Catherine said. “I have promoted the same behavior to my neighbors, and the children and their play environment are now safer.”

Annika – Florida

Annika is a veteran and single mom. She’s raising her kids with the mindset she picked up while she was serving: “The way we show love to each other is giving. Don’t ever ask for anything. If you have something, and you see somebody who needs it, you give it to them.”

The thing Annika gave more than anything was her time: working 12-hour shifts on weekdays and cleaning houses on the weekends. Still, she could barely afford to pay rent and have enough food. As grocery store prices rose, it became harder and harder to keep up.

When she asked for help, you were there. The food she received let her know she wasn’t alone, and it made sure she could put meals on the table for her kids.

“I’m very, very grateful,” said Annika.

Maria – Santa Bárbara, Honduras

In many rural Honduran communities like Maria’s, nutrition training and education isn’t easy to access. Additionally, many parents work more than full-time hours to provide for their children. Studying nutrition is difficult or impossible without help.

But help is exactly what the Feed the Children Care Group provided Maria’s community! After participating in the program for two years, Maria feels more empowered to act in ways that benefit her family’s health. The program also provided seeds, so Maria can grow more nutritious food for her family while spending less money.

“I thank Feed the Children for choosing our community and for giving us hope to continue fighting for our families,” she said.

Happy Mother’s Day! Feed the Children wishes a wonderful day to all the moms out there. Thank you for everything that you do!

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