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Three children sitting on the ground

Good News from Near and Far!

Hunger knows no limits and is bound to no location. It is in dense-packed suburbs and apartment high rises; in rural communities and coastal villas. Children in every nation, every day, experience hunger. 

That’s the bad news. But the good news is that your generosity in fighting hunger also isn’t limited! In 2023, Feed the Children’s international programs were able to do more than ever, thanks to the support of donations from caring global citizens like you! 

Feed the Children works in 192 strategically located locations in 8 countries spanning across Africa, Asia and Central America to help the most people and have the most impact. This assistance took many forms: critical nutrition access, clean water, hygiene and childcare education, and much more. This comprehensive approach in the communities we serve allows them to move towards long-term sustainable success and prosperity. In our 2023 fiscal year, over 4.7 million people received your support 

A girl gardening outdoors in south america

It’s easy to focus on the broad picture and the big numbers, but you don’t truly see the full impact of your work until you look much more closely – at the individual level: 

In the Philippines, five-year-old Anna Mae received school supplies thanks to the child sponsorship program. Since her father was injured and became unable to work, having those resources has enabled the family to budget and will allow Anna to keep attending school. 

Honduran mom Maria is grateful for the work Feed the Children has done in her community, including a care group and prenatal nutrition support for mothers, and the creation of vegetable gardens to help families get extra, healthy food. Maria now volunteers for her local Feed the Children community program, helping spread the kindness that you’ve shared! 

A child standing outdoors holding a book and smiling

You may have already read the story of Baby, a young girl in Kenya whose school days are now more successful thanks to the meals and sanitation provided by Feed the Children. Her school saw a huge attendance spike after these programs were implemented.  

Although no two stories are the same, they have one thing in common: the lives of all three people, and of all 4.7 million people helped in 2023 – have been improved immeasurably because of you. Together, we can create a better future for the world.  

Be sure to check out the full annual report!

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