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Darren’s Support

Darren loves his kids more than everything. He has four children, two boys and two girls. Their family has never needed assistance before, but the COVID-19 pandemic has held up his work as a landscaper. He’s still able to find work, but it’s not enough. And with a new school year about to begin, Darren wasn’t sure how he was going to provide everything the kids need.

“I’ve been a single father and I’ve been taking care of them by myself. And this is truly a blessing to be able to have this because with this epidemic going on right now, it’s hard for work. It’s basically hard to just raise my kids right now. So this right here is a boost that really can help a whole lot of people. I’m just proud to be a part of it.

”Darren and his children attended a back-to-school drive hosted by Feed the Children. Each of the kids received a new backpack full of school supplies, which made it possible for Darren to focus on making sure they had new clothes, shoes, and masks to take to school. Darren’s not sure whether his kids will be required to be in the classroom or to participate in distance learning, but he wants to be prepared just in case.

We asked Darren whether he’d heard of Feed the Children before this event, and he said yes.

“I know that they’ve been blessing and helping families for many, many years, since I was small. I remember them always helping. And I remember them out of Oklahoma City, seeing the big trucks when they go through. I’ve seen news coverage and commercials about them. But I’m blessed to be able to have the opportunity to meet them firsthand now.”

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