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A toddler sitting on a blanket on the floor

Anyeli’s Recovery

Anyeli embodies what everyone loves about babies: she has big cheeks, chubby fingers and a round belly. But eight months ago, this little girl was in a much different situation. 

Anyeli and her family live in Palencia, Guatemala. It’s a mountainous town with mostly dirt roads. Farming is the main livelihood here. Because the success of farming can depend on so many factors, many in the community don’t have a steady income. 

Anyeli’s family is no different. Her mother Aura and father Gilmar have three girls besides Anyeli. They do the best they can but providing enough food for their children has always been difficult.  

Anyeli was born prematurely, and no matter how much Aura fed her, she would not gain weight. Fortunately, the family was able to turn to a Feed the Children program that had recently started in their community. 

“When she was three months old, I took her to a growth monitoring clinic with Feed the Children. They told me that she was underweight and at risk of acute malnutrition,” said Aura. 

It was scary news to hear. 

What Aura didn’t know about at the time was the help she and Anyeli were going to receive, thanks to donors like you. The Feed the Children program offered wrap-around services, not just in that moment, but for months to come.  

First, Anyeli received a life-saving food supplement for malnourished children. The family also received regular check-ups at the clinic and at their house to keep close tabs on Anyeli’s recovery.  

Anyeli being held by her mother with a feed the children member.

The help wasn’t just for little Anyeli. Aura and Gilmar received education on nutrition, hygiene and finances. Plus, there was assistance for the rest of the children in their family. 

“They have received support at school with backpacks and school supplies. They also get a hot lunch every day. They also benefit from better hygiene and good feeding practices around the home, something we learned at our Care Group,” said Aura. “I am very thankful for what has been done for my family.” 

Today, Anyeli and her sisters are cheerful and healthy. They love playing with each other, and Anyeli loves to take a bath just so she can splash them.  

Anyeli being held by her sister

“We now live in a healthier home, our house is cleaner, our daughters get sick much less often, and Anyeli is growing well and is happy,” Aura told us. 

Equally important, the family believes in a brighter tomorrow because of the generosity of our donors. “We believe our children will have a better future,” Aura said. 

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