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Adeline and Noah’s Story: Never Losing Hope

Adeline knows what it’s like to be successful. She lived that life a decade ago. She was a mother and grandmother, doting on her children and grandchildren and taking care of her family. But these days, she has a lot more on her shoulders.

Adeline’s husband, who she’s been married to for 18 years, no longer has a job. An injury required multiple doctor’s visits, and it took away his ability to work. He walks with a cane now, and Adeline spends a lot of time worrying about him and his health. 

When her husband stopped working, things started to spiral fast.  

“We found ourselves not able to pay our rent or our bills. We didn’t know who to turn to. Family couldn’t help. We’re not the people that ask for handouts. We try to do it ourselves. We’ve been like that since we were 18,” she recalled. 

“Biggest struggle was our living arrangements. Not just having something to eat but just somewhere to live. That was our struggle,” Adeline said. 

They eventually found a place to live, which brought some relief. Adeline wanted security for her children. Her youngest son Noah will be in the fifth grade this year.

A child sitting outdoors at a playground

“My grandparents have taught me that, no matter what, make sure everybody’s okay and that no matter what – even if they’re down, they’re getting bullied, or they’re hurt or something – make sure they’re okay or at least help them in any way possible,” said Noah. 

It’s those kinds of lessons that Adeline embodies. She carries the weight of taking care of her family, and she’s thrived at her job as a manager at a local variety store. Adeline worked her way up, only starting the job after her husband was unable to work. But her paychecks don’t always cover the family’s needs. 

“We make a choice all the time. We put what we can on each bill and try to still have enough for groceries. Whatever we can, you know, pick up in the grocery store to make it work that week or whatever, that’s what we do,” she said. 

A family standing together outdoors with a feed the children box

Adeline and her family have been able to get help from a local Feed the Children community partner. The help has taken some of the stress away, allowing Adeline to know that she has somewhere to turn. It’s also given her the freedom to see a different future for her children and grandchildren. 

“Hopes and dreams for my children? It’s to thrive better. To be amazing, to be successful, to follow their dreams – not the dreams that we want them to have, but the ones that they want,” Adeline said, with a smile on her face. 

It’s a beautiful gift that, because of donors like you, Adeline is able to picture a better tomorrow for her kids. And it looks like Noah is already planning something great. 

“One day, when I’m older, I want y’all to know that I will make the world as much of a better place as possible.” 

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