School-provided meals are the main supplemental food source for millions of American families. During the summer break, this resource is widely unavailable. But there is help.

This meal locator, created by the USDA, helps users find locations in their area providing summer meal programs for children ages 18 and under who qualify to receive free or reduced-price school meals.

Trouble navigation the map? Open the meal finder map in a new window.

Summer Hunger: A Widespread Issue in America

If you have ever worried about providing food for your family, you are not alone. One in eight children in the United States is affected by food insecurity. Hunger can impact a child’s physical and emotional development and have a long-term impact on their health.

The end of the school year – and school meals – can be an additional challenge. Many organizations, including Feed the Children and our community partners, want to fill this gap by providing summer food assistance.

Downloadable Activity Book and Reading Log for Kids

It’s important for kids to keep their brains active during the summer! During the months when kids are out of school, they can lose months of learning progress. This is called “summer slide,” and it can impact their test scores and learning ability in future school years.

Reading is one of the best ways to reduce summer slide and improve school performance in the coming year. Download this free reading log to encourage summer reading, plus an activity book to inspire healthy habits.