As life begins to return to normal this summer, too many families still need food and essentials. Help end summer hunger.

Moving Forward

This past year, COVID-19 brought new awareness to hunger as families suffered record levels of economic hardship. In response, caring people everywhere contributed to a heroic effort of food relief on a massive scale.

This summer is now a critical time. As life returns to normal for many of us, too many children still face the painful consequences of food insecurity as vulnerable families continue to struggle.

Our experience of the pandemic must inspire us to take better care of our neighbors. As we recover, we can’t let hunger be normal again.

Impossible Choices Education

Impossible Choices

It’s worth trying to walk in someone else’s shoes — even if it just helps you appreciate how their challenges might be different. When the pressure’s on, it can be tough to make the right decisions, especially when your child’s wellbeing is at stake and there doesn’t seem to be many good options.

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Thank you!

These corporate partners stand up for struggling children and families by providing food and daily essentials. Their donations make it possible to deliver the nutrition kids lack access to during the summer months when school meal programs are closed. We thank them for their partnership as we work together to end summer hunger.

Gold Sponsors

Frito Lays
Price Rite
Tyson Food

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Smart for Life

Our sponsors are heroes. Without them, our work would not be possible. We rely on the generosity of our corporate partners to help the children, families and communities we serve. These organizations maximize our efforts by turning every $1 donated into $9 worth of impact for people who need assistance.

Through cause marketing campaigns, sponsoring community initiatives, sending their volunteers and through their gift-in-kind donations, our partners provide vital support that helps feed children in the U.S. and around the globe.

The Problem

The economic consequences of COVID-19 have been devastating for parents and caregivers across the country. As a result, hunger and food insecurity have become dramatically more widespread. How serious is the situation now? The numbers don’t lie.

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One in Six Children Icon

1 in 6

children under 18 years
of age live in poverty

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Understanding SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federal aid program that provides assistance with buying food to people with lower incomes. SNAP benefits can be used to buy most food items, as well as plants and seeds to grow food, but they cannot be used for prepared or heated food, vitamins or medicines, diapers, pet food or essential household items like cleaning supplies, hygiene products or toilet paper.

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The Conversation

Part of making hunger a thing of the past is asking the right questions. By learning all we can and raising awareness, we can move closer to creating a better world for children everywhere.

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