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Honor Moms by Supporting Feed the Children this Mother’s Day

Being a mom is a full-time job. Ask any mom and they can tell you about the all-night shifts that stretch into the early morning hours and the never-complete to-do lists. Feed the Children, a leading nonprofit focused on alleviating childhood hunger, is inviting everyone, everywhere to honor their mothers and the women who have made a difference in their lives by supporting the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts to provide food and essentials for struggling families this year.  

In addition to their household responsibilities, moms also play an important part in today’s workforce. According to a report from the Center for American Progress, the number of working women exceed pre-pandemic levels, however, many have found returning to the workforce to be challenging.

Carmen says her family has been struggling to get back on track following the pandemic. 

“It’s been two years since my company closed. I was working at a great job and our job just never opened back up,” she said. “Now I have just been working here and there getting odd jobs, but trying to get back to where we were before. You lose a lot after a disaster like that.”

Erica says increased food costs have taken a toll on her family this year.

“The food budget is not stretching for anybody anymore. The prices have gone up so high where even families who could help each other before, now they can’t because they’re just barely getting by,” she said.

Feed the Children community distribution events provide food and necessities for moms like Erica and Carmen and thousands of others, so they don’t have to make difficult choices between paying a bill and providing food for their children.

Even though mom Monica earns a full-time income, sometimes she must make tough decisions during times “where there’s more month than money.”

 “Having enough food is one of my major worries – like, I’m sure it is for every mother. Nobody wants to see their kid say ‘Mom, I’m hungry,” she said. “It’s one of the most heartbreaking things that anybody can have their child asking for – food.”

While Feed the Children works with its community partners to support moms across the U.S., the nonprofit also works internationally in eight countries to support mothers through its Child-Focused Community Development (CFCD) program.  

Before Feed the Children’s CFCD program came to Silvia’s community, one in three children under the age of five were malnourished. In addition to learning and now teaching other moms about better nutrition, Silvia performs regular weigh-ins for local children to monitor their growth. Since the CFCD program started in 2017, more kids are now hitting their weight goals, and there’s much less malnutrition.

 “I am very happy because I have acquired more knowledge in my life thanks to Feed the Children,” she said. “They are always training us for the sake of our children.”

A strong family has a strong foundation, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the foundations in our lives: our mothers. If you would like to honor your mother by donating to help mothers and their children across the U.S. and around the world, visit feedthechildren.org.

About Feed the Children

At Feed the Children, we feed hungry kids. We envision a world where no child goes to bed hungry. In the U.S. and internationally, we are dedicated to helping families and communities achieve stable lives and to reducing the need for help tomorrow, while providing food and resources to help them today. We distribute product donations from corporate donors to local community partners, we provide support for teachers and students, and we mobilize resources quickly to aid recovery efforts when natural disasters strike. Internationally, we manage child-focused community development programs in 8 countries. We welcome partnerships because we know our work would not be possible without collaborative relationships.

Visit feedthechildren.org for more information.

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