Feed the Children helps children in Northern Uganda find hope for their future.

Uganda is a landlocked nation in East Africa. Throughout the last 50 years, the country has experienced significant political turmoil through civil wars. These events have forced people to relocate from their homes, destroying infrastructure and families.

During the tough times, Ugandans have been resilient. The last decade has been peaceful and the country is slowly rebuilding. However, children still face significant barriers due to poverty and malnourishment. To break those barriers, we are helping two communities in Northern Uganda to provide more opportunities for their children. To learn more about Feed the Children’s work in Uganda and the Africa region, read our 2015 Africa Annual Report.

Uganda Basics

41 million
Average Life Expectancy
59 years
Stunting Rate
Poverty Rate
Average Years of Schooling
5.7 years

Food & Nutrition

We help mothers provide better care to their children by facilitating training sessions about nutrition and illness. During this process, we aid mothers in monitoring the growth of their children so they can ensure their child is receiving the proper nutrition for healthy growth.

Through deworming medications and vitamin supplements, we help make sure children are protected from preventable diseases.

Health & Water

Learning simple sanitation practices can help prevent many diseases that harm children. Practices such as handwashing allow children to be healthier and to attend school more often.

Using Care Groups, mothers can teach each other the information they’ve learned from attending the training sessions. We’ve found more parents adopt the health information that’s shared by their neighbors than they would from trainers from outside their community.


Each day a child is able to attend school is valuable to their future. We help children reach their full potential. To prevent their lack of resources from affecting their school attendance, we provide children with daily school meals, deworming medication, and school supplies.

It’s also extremely valuable to involve parents in their child’s education. Therefore, we support parent-teacher associations and spread the word on the benefits of enrolling their children in school and in keeping them in school.


When parents’ livelihoods are improved, and their finances are secure, and their children can benefit. We help parents increase their financial stability by promoting community gardens. These enable parents to sell surplus crops in local markets. The development of these gardens promotes nutrient-rich meals with greater food diversity.

Take Action

One GIft Can Change a Child's Life

When you donate to Feed the Children, we can multiply that donation 7 times because of our corporate partners. Your gifts go where kids need help the most: nutritious food to eat, safe and clean water to drink, school and supplies, and even new ways to make a living. Their mothers might even receive a goat that will provide them milk, meat and a baby goat to share with their neighbors. And most of all, these kids can dream about a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Your donation can help end the cycle of poverty in Uganda and other countries around the world!

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