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Feed the Children helps children in Northern Uganda find hope for their future.

Kids growing up in Uganda live in a landlocked country nestled in the middle of Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Ugandan children in the northern region where we work grow up eating lots of cereals and grains. In school, children learn most subjects in English. It’s the language you’ll hear spoken the most around the capital city of Kampala.

Despite the country’s beauty, generations of kids in Uganda have grown up in the middle of wars and violence. Schools, medicine and clean water have not been available for all. Twenty years of wars and threats of wars have taken lives, forced families to move to refugee camps, and destroyed roads, buildings, culture, and tradition.

In 2006, the country began a time of relative peace. Children and parents no longer feel afraid. But recovery takes years when so much has been destroyed. In Northern Uganda, children are especially likely to go to bed hungry.

To learn more about how Feed the Children works in Uganda and other African countries, read our 2015 Africa Annual Report.

Uganda Basics

37 million
Average Life Expectancy
54.7 years
Stunting Rate
Poverty Rate
Kids Fed Every School Day

Food & Nutrition

Food is a critical need in Uganda. One in three kids here suffers from chronic malnutrition or stunting. [link to why are children hungry/food] UNICEF reports that nutrition interventions could save the lives of 120 children every day. If stunting is not reversed before age 5, the physical and mental damage that can result from the stunting will be largely irreversible.

Feed the Children began working in Northern Uganda in 2012, where the most kids eat the least. We are just beginning our work here, but already we provide meals to approximately 380 kids every day at school-based feeding centers. And we are continuing to expand our nutrition programs.

Health & Water

In Northern Uganda, only half of the region has safe water. And that water is an average of 1.5 miles away from most households. Only one in four children in Uganda has access to a latrine, which means diseases from bad water and poor sanitation run rampant.

Feed the Children is working with other non-governmental organizations to build affordable and safe water sources for the communities we’re working in. We also provide latrines and hand-washing stations in the schools where we’ve started feeding centers.


Feed the Children helps kids get to school by providing meals and assisting families in paying for school. We also discovered that less than one in four preschoolers in Uganda actually goes to preschool, so we started child-care centers to teach early reading and social skills and get them ready to do well in school.

Because going to school has been so tough for so long, older students don’t know the basics of health and nutrition. Our school health programs teach teens about making good food choices, pregnancy and breastfeeding so that the next generation gets a healthier start to life.


Feed the Children’s work in Uganda began in 2012. We are currently working to grow our food and nutrition, health and water, and education programs before we introduce new efforts.

Take Action

One GIft Can Change a Child's Life

When you donate to Feed the Children, we can multiply that donation 5 times because of our corporate partners. Your gifts go where kids need help the most: nutritious food to eat, safe and clean water to drink, school and supplies, and even new ways to make a living. Their mothers might even receive a goat that will provide them milk, meat and a baby goat to share with their neighbors. And most of all, these kids can dream about a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Your donation can help end the cycle of poverty in Uganda and other countries around the world!

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