Through our work in Tanzania, children in more than 30 schools are empowered to defeat hunger and poverty.

Tanzania is rich in wildlife and scenic landscapes. The nation is home to Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, as well as the Serengeti Plains. Tanzania’s natural resources have made agriculture and tourism the most prominent sources of income.

However, lack of advanced technology and poor infrastructure has kept the country from improving its economy, and many often live in poverty. Malnutrition prevents many kids from reaching their potential and excelling in school.

In Tanzania, we work through schools to help children and their caregivers make choices that improve their daily lives. Through our programs, families learn skills that will help them provide a better future for their children.

To learn more about Feed the Children’s work in Tanzania and in other African countries, read our 2015 Africa Annual Report.

Tanzania Basics

55.5 million
Poverty Rate
Average Life Expectancy
65.5 years
No Access to Clean Water
Kids Attending Secondary School

Food & Nutrition

Because of the importance of stopping the cycle of malnutrition, we place a high emphasis on children understanding the role of proper nutrition throughout their lives. Students learn how nutrition can help them stay healthy and increase their attendance at school. When children are able to focus in the classroom, they can apply their knowledge in both their current and future families.

Health & Water

Many diseases in Tanzania are spread through poor sanitation practices. Thankfully, those diseases are easily preventable. By teaching children simple sanitation techniques, like hand washing and how to purify water, children can improve their own health.

The health outcomes of children in the community are also improved when we install latrines for proper waste management.


We believe education can lay a foundation for lifelong stability and success. However, in areas where families live on less than $1 a day, short-term hunger and frequent illnesses hinder a child’s ability to focus in school. In order to promote proper education and to set them on the road to success, we provide children with daily school meals, shoes, and grade-appropriate school supplies.


Children reap great benefits when they are raised in financially stable homes. We work to provide Tanzanian families with opportunities to improve their livelihoods through Village Savings and Loans groups.

These groups are made up of individuals who contribute their money savings to the group. Members can request a loan to use the money for: investments in supplies to start a small business, improvements in their livelihood through community gardens, or rearing small livestock.

Take Action

One GIft Can Change a Child's Life

When you donate to Feed the Children, we can multiply that donation 7 times because of our corporate partners. Your gifts go where kids need help the most: nutritious food to eat, safe and clean water to drink, school and supplies, and even new ways to make a living. Their mothers might even receive a goat that will provide them milk, meat and a baby goat to share with their neighbors. And most of all, these kids can dream about a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Your donation can help end the cycle of poverty in Tanzania and other countries around the world!

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