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Since 1993, Feed the Children has fought hunger in Kenya, taken in babies who’ve been abandoned and provided care for children with special needs.

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Kenya, in East Africa, is full of natural beauty, including Lake Victoria, Mount Kenya and Maasai Mara, one of the most populated wildlife parks in Africa. Nairobi is Kenya’s thriving capital city, with 44 million people. The country lies on the equator and shares borders with Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and the Indian Ocean.

Even though it’s full of life-giving resources, the country lacks many things we consider to be basic. Ethnic tensions challenge Kenyan society. Drop-out rates before 8th grade are high. So are poverty rates. It all threatens the lives of Kenya’s children. Kids here catch parasites instead of soccer balls and carry water instead of backpacks. And too many kids are born with HIV/AIDS or lose a parent or family member to the disease.

Feed the Children provides access to food, water and schools in four of Kenya’s counties. We help Kenyans earn a living so they can provide for their kids’ futures. A hallmark of our work in Kenya is our children’s services program, which includes the Abandoned Baby Centre (ABC), Dagoretti Children’s Centre (DCC) and Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programs.

To learn more about how Feed the Children works in Kenya and other African countries, read our 2015 Africa Annual Report.

Kenya Basics

44 million
Poverty Rate
People Living with HIV/AIDS
1.3 million

Food & Nutrition

Feed the Children focuses on the most vulnerable: malnourished children under the age of 5, pregnant and lactating women, and people living with HIV/AIDS. We do this in a variety of ways, including teaching parents about basic nutrition, fortifying food at home and supplementing with vitamins. To help kids continue to eat good food, we serve kids in 170 schools with help from WFP (World Food Programme).

In the urban slums of Nairobi and rural Kajiado, our nutrition programs reach severely malnourished children under the age of 5 and pregnant and lactating mothers. This program alone has helped a total of 30,000 women and children.

Health & Water

Safe and clean water can take women and children hours to haul, keeping them from going to school or working at paying jobs. By building water pans and rainwater harvesting systems, Feed the Children improves their health and gives them time that they can spend on education or enterprise. These new systems can hold water for up to seven months after the rains stop for the year.

We can’t bring health and water to communities in Kenya without our partners. The Australian government helped us build 35 latrines in 6 schools and supplied 8,000-cubic-meter capacity water tanks to 7 schools. Kenya’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education helped us start school health programs to provide supplies for menstruating girls, deworm over 130,000 kids and give shoes to protect against soilborne parasites.


So many Kenyan kids drop out of elementary school, but Feed the Children makes it easier for them to attend and encourages them to continue. Our regular meals improve their attendance. Filling their bellies with food allows them to fill their minds, too.

One of our most important school programs is teaching people how to prevent, live with and manage HIV/ AIDS. Through Children For Life (C4L) clubs we teach our children age-appropriate lessons on how to prevent, live with and manage HIV.


We assist teens and adults as they start projects and build them into businesses that allow them to support themselves and their families. We spend time in each community learning what projects and businesses are most appropriate.

These businesses empower Kenyans to build their communities. By helping them start up income-generating projects like soap making, beadwork, tie-dye, embroidery, beekeeping, greenhouse crop production, chicken farming, fish farming, and goat and cattle rearing, Feed the Children helps communities create income and hope for the future.

Take Action

Sponsor a Child in Kenya

Sponsoring a child in Kenya helps that child and also the entire community. Your monthly gift helps us create a community where no child goes to bed hungry. You can make sure one child eats nourishing food, drinks clean water from a source near their home, and goes to school where they learn and develop leadership skills. It also helps start family businesses. Most important, it gives these kids the chance to dream about a brighter tomorrow and make that dream a reality.

Your $34 a month will change the life of a child and his or her community forever!

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