Nutrition + Education = Brighter futures. Don't all children deserve a chance to thrive? But not all of them can. Children in places like Malawi and the other 10 countries we serve don't always have access to clean water and food. For many, a school meal is the only food they receive all day. That makes these meals vital to their success and health.

Our meal programs help create a reliable source of food for children in 10 countries and make it desirable for children to attend school. Education is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty to these children so not only are they being given food but they are also able to focus and take advantage of their opportunity to learn.

Due to COVID-19 most schools remain closed. However, Feed the Children continues to provide rations in order to supplement meals for school children. As schools re-open your donation will continue to help provide meals for them.

With a one-time gift of only $15, it’s possible for a child to have a year's worth of school lunches. Each contribution is matched with donated rice and lentil meals to provide hot, nutritious lunches to a child for the entire school year. 

Would you like to send the gift of school meals to a child today? Make a donation that provides food and hope.

If you are able, please take a moment today to make a donation. Any gift, no matter the amount, can be the difference between hunger and hope for a child.