Ian knows the profound joy of giving back. We asked him why he donated his time and talents to Feed the Children as a volunteer. His heartfelt words will surely resonate with you …

“I decided to volunteer for Feed the Children because I’m a dad myself. That’s it! If my family and I are ever in a situation to need help, I’d want somebody to be able to step into the shoes I’m in today and provide for less fortunate kids.

It’s a big deal for me to look out for the smaller ones. They’re our future.

When you’re able to see the faces of the parents and kids you help, it’s indescribable. It creates a warm feeling in you that you won’t find anywhere else. To be able to do something selfless for someone else is heartwarming. It’s beautiful."

— Ian, volunteer

People like Ian, donors and partners are the driving force to create change for millions of food insecure people in America and across the world. Their words and stories inspire all of us to make a difference in the small or big ways we are able.

If you are able, please take a moment today to make a donation. Any gift, no matter the amount, can be the difference between hunger and hope for a child.