Nutrition during the first 1,000 days shapes the rest of a child's life

The first 1,000 days of a child's life are when nutrition has the greatest impact on their future health and potential. If adequate nutrition isn't available, brain development slows and overall physical growth is stunted in the child.

Did you know lack of proper nutrition doesn't just affect the child, it affects the mother as well. If a mother doesn't have access to healthy nutritional foods it hinders how she can care for her child.

You can help change that. Our programs are designed to provide nutritious food, clean water, education, and promote better livelihood for these children, families, and communities.

Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of people like you who are fighting back against hunger. Each month these hunger heroes give their time, talent, and treasure to ensure a better tomorrow for those in need. You can help do the same.

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