The One Motorcycle Project

The One Motorcycle Project

One Motorcycle, One Community, One World

Communities throughout the world lack the basic infrastructure to support the delivery of critical health services, food, and social assistance. Providing one motorcycle can change the lives of hundreds of children and their families by meeting the most basic human needs.

Why It Matters

We support communities in Guatemala and Uganda who struggle with access to many basic and life saving services. Access is limited, and the best possible option for reaching these communities is by motorcycle. Your generous support will make it possible for our international teams to deliver help to where it's needed most.

The Difference Maker

In the countries we serve, travel brings a set of unique challenges. Road conditions are often difficult, and sudden storms can turn beaten paths into a river of impassable mud. Often, the only way to traverse these regions is on foot or using two-wheeled transport.

One motorcycle can make the difference between a community in need and a community that is served.

Community Solutions

Our international work is focused on empowering families and communities to overcome poverty and become self-sustaining. Feed the Children promotes initiatives in the four areas of food and nutrition, health and water, education, and livelihoods in order to provide a hand up, not a hand out.

By making it possible for our international team members to travel from place to place, your donations will provide long term benefits to growing communities and a brighter future to their children.