The holidays are a time when friends and family gather to share special moments together . Unfortunately, this time of year is more challenging for many families who want to make this time of the year special. This year, COVID-19 has affected communities throughout the United States by increasing food insecurity for many families. You can make a difference. Check out 12 Ways to Give!

Day One
Kids Give Back

No matter how big or small you are, you can get involved and help make a difference for people in your community! Click here to get inspired with ideas to give back! Then #ShareYourGood! #KidsGiveBack

Day Two

Due to COVID-19, 1 in 4 children are food insecure. You can help bring the hope and joy of the season to those who are struggling. And when you give today, your gift multiples 8X to help create a hunger-free holiday season for children here in the US and around the world!

Girl with Boxes
Girl with Green Coat
Day Three
Educate Yourself

One of the best ways to advocate for your favorite non-profit is to arm yourself with knowledge so you can share about their mission with friends and acquaintances. Learn more about the work we do to support families across the U.S and around the world.

Day Four
Social Shares

No matter where you live, you can show your support by following us on social media. Engage with your followers and encourage them to donate, fundraise or volunteer with us. Tell your story and #ShareYourGood. Don’t forget to tag us!

Check back to see what Willie Geist and other surprise influencers and celebs have to say about how you can give back with #12waysofgiving.

Volunteer at Event
Day Five

Our five distribution centers across the U.S. serve as hubs that let us deliver critical food and supplies to our community partners so they can help vulnerable communities in cities, towns and rural areas in their regions. You can help by volunteering to pack boxes full of food and essential items to be delivered to those in need.

Day Six
The Table

The Table is where you gather to share meals, ideas and the events of your day. It's where you make plans and collaborate to achieve a common goal. Take a seat at The Table and join our passionate community of monthly givers determined to end childhood hunger. People like you, giving any thing they can to collectively impact childhood hunger in the U.S. and around the world.

Man with a Box
Day Seven
Community Partners

We know we can’t end hunger alone. That’s why we collaborate with a wide array of community partners across the country. We’re proud to partner with our network of nearly 800 charitable organizations and outreach-based programs to help us in our work from coast to coast. Our community partners are vital allies who help us reach vulnerable children and families directly in the communities where they live.

Day Eight
Corporate Partners

We value our corporate partners and their commitment to our mission and to improving the lives of citizens in our communities in the United States and around the world. Each day we align with corporate champions who seek to provide resources to families living without life’s essentials. Their contributions help provide resources, raise awareness and increase participation and support of our work.

People at a Feed the Children Event
Day Nine
Disaster Relief

Families everywhere want to make sure their kids have enough to eat, but hunger and food insecurity become more immediate threats when a natural disaster hits close to home. Feed the Children offers hope and help to families affected by disasters by providing immediate aid through our vast network of community partners. Throughout our history, we have responded to hundreds of disasters and distributed millions of dollars in food and essentials to those in impacted areas, throughout our history.

Day Ten

Every year, American teachers spend a significant amount of their own money on necessities for their classrooms as well as school supplies for students whose families cannot afford them. Stocked with a variety of scholastic products donated by our corporate partners, our five Teacher Store locations across the U.S. are designed to ease this burden on teachers by providing them with classroom resources, school supplies, books and even snacks for their students from our onsite food pantries at absolutely no cost to them.

One in Four Children

1 in 4

children are food insecure

Five Million Children


under the age of 5 die of
malnutrition-related causes every year.

Day Eleven
The Facts

At Feed the Children, we feed hungry kids. We envision a world where no child goes to bed hungry. In the U.S. and internationally, we are dedicated to helping families and communities achieve stable lives and to reducing the need for help tomorrow, while providing food and resources to help them today. Learn more about the need that exists and how you can help.

Day Twelve
Unboxing Day

No matter where you live, you can show your support by following us on social media. Engage with your followers and encourage them to donate, fundraiser or volunteer with us. Tell your story and #ShareYourGood. Don’t forget to tag us!

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