“Somebody who’s there for you, somebody who helps you when you need help.”

“Love means to me that people love each other, and they’re supposed to help each other a lot.”

“Somebody that cares about you and does the best that they can.”

These are some of the answers we got when we asked the children we serve what love means to them. Love is universal. It’s a gift. But love also means caring in action.

1 in 8 children are food insecure right now. Celebrate February by sharing the gift of love with those in need, and your gift will help feed hungry neighbors.

When Papa Joe shares his Walk of Love, he doesn’t just visit his own neighborhood. He helps the entire community. And his love comes in the form of action, of giving food and essentials to the hungry, helping those in need, and raising an army of volunteers to make that love go even further.

He told us, “I believe for the community to change, you’ve got to have someone that comes in with love in their heart. And so what I do is, I flood the community with people who have love in their heart.”

You can make your love go further, too. Give today, and your gift of love will help feed children in need.

Ways to Love Your Neighbor

February is all about sharing love, find a way this month to #LoveYourNeighbor.

  1. Pay for the person behind you in line when buying fast food or Starbucks
  2. Send a virtual, uplifting note to a coworker
  3. Donate blood or plasma
  4. Tell a cashier that they're doing a great job
  5. Offer to mow your neighbor's lawn
  6. Call or message someone you haven't seen in a long time to say you're thinking of them
  7. Leave extra quarters next to machines at the laundromat
  8. Knit or crochet hats for newborns in your local NICU
  9. Provide masks to first responders, grocery store workers, and other essential workers
  10. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  11. Offer to pick up your elderly neighbor's groceries
  12. Help someone who has a flat tire
  13. Bring coloring books and supplies to a children's hospital
  14. Bring in someone's trash cans or paper
  15. Thank or give a gift to your mail carrier

One more way is by donating as little as $10 and #LoveYourNeighbor this month!