"I’d miss breakfast or dinner... that’s so we could have enough food to last."


Greg is a really special kid stuck in a situation of extreme poverty. He’s like a lot of boys his age. He has big plans for his future. He dreams of becoming a physicist when he grows up. He loves his dog and enjoys school. The most important person in the world to him is his dad. Their love and bond make them wealthy in a special way that money cannot buy.

John is a single parent in his 60s. He’s disabled from years of working grueling labor jobs. He doesn’t have a steady source of income. He lives off the land – and by earning money doing whatever he can. If it weren’t for Feed the Children local partners in their area, there are times this father and son wouldn’t be able to eat.

Greg and John live in a house that is over 100 years old on a rural farm. In most parts of our country, their house would be condemned. But this crumbling old house is home for this father and son team who can’t afford a better place to live. Without reliable transportation, it’s difficult for John to try to find odd jobs.

Greg lives with the uncertainty of food insecurity every day. He worries about his dad’s health, which is getting worse, and how they can stretch their food supply to keep them both going. He hopes they can afford to get their truck fixed so that he can join after-school programs. He told us he wishes they had more money.

Not having enough to eat can be scary and painful. But there is hope. Children like Greg can get the food and essentials they desperately need with help from people like you.

Will you join us to take away a child’s uncertainty and replace it with a promise of food?


It takes someone like you to be a hero to child who doesn’t know where their next meal will come from. Your donation is critical – you make food possible when no one else can. A donation of at least $50 can eliminate hunger by providing meals for a family who needs food now.


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