Thirteen-year-old Douglas from Nicaragua believes nothing can keep him from reaching his goals. Not the small salary his dad earns as a driver, barely enough to buy food. Not the home he lives in with the damaged, leaky roof. Not even the scarcity of drinkable water, which only reaches his family every 15 days.

Douglas is an active and outgoing student who gets good grades and happily helps out at home. His spirit of determination allows him to move beyond the circumstances that could easily trap him in a cycle of poverty. A spirit like Douglas’s just needs to be given opportunity, and that’s exactly what he’s found through Feed the Children.

Douglas was so excited for the chance to learn English, piano and computing. He asked his mom to sign him up for Feed the Children’s educational program right away, and since then he has thrived.

“Today I can say that my dreams have come true: to study piano, computing and English, and to keep learning here at the Feed the Children program,” Douglas says.

Douglas prays every day that he’ll keep getting opened doors of opportunity so he can achieve his goals. His sponsor has opened the first door, and that’s giving Douglas the skills, confidence and hope to run through the rest.