Nicole’s Community: How a Community and Children Succeed

Undoubtedly, parents want what is best for their children. They want to see all of their kids' dreams come true and watch them grow and succeed in the future.

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A person packing a box with tape
The Blessing of a Second Chance

“I chose the wrong path,” he admits. “If I would have made better choices, I would still have had everything my family built when I was a kid.”

A man and woman holding and feeding a baby
Annie's Love

Annie and Shane have the kind of relationship you see in people who can honestly say, “I married my best friend.” Their personalities contrast in a way that compliments them both.

Gabrielle smiling at the camera outdoors
Gabrielle’s Generosity

Giving is in Gabrielle’s nature. The first thing she’s eager to share are words. She’s outgoing and friendly, speaking with her hands as much as her voice.

Maya standing in the kitchen
Maya's Dreams

Maya has big plans for her future. Goal number one: college. Specifically, she’s looking for a Bible college where she can expand her volunteering track record into full-fledged missionary work while putting her love of worship music to good use.

Child standing in with plants outdoors
Daisy Mae’s Determination

Just like the flower she’s named after, Daisy Mae is known to bring smiles to anyone who meets her. At 9 years old, she is the youngest child in her family, living in the Canapnapan district in the Philippines.

William & May with family
May and William’s Story

“Getting help like that definitely gives us hope because it definitely means there's still good people in this world,” William told us. “We would’ve lost our house and ended up in a homeless shelter. You helped us at our lowest time. Thank you!”

Clint at an outdoor event
Clint's Resilience

“I’m a Vietnam Marine, honorably discharged,” Clint says proudly, adding, “Oorah!” After his time in the Marines, Clint worked a stint as a police officer before moving to Miami in 2021. “I’ve had a hard time,” he admits.

Jaida's Story
A Teen’s Gratitude: Jaida’s Story

Being a teenager is hard for many reasons. Jaida is 15 years old, and she should be getting ready to drive and thinking about what she’ll wear to the next school dance. But her life hasn’t been typical or easy for the last couple of years.

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