Nicole’s Community: How a Community and Children Succeed

Undoubtedly, parents want what is best for their children. They want to see all of their kids' dreams come true and watch them grow and succeed in the future.

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Emerita cruz outdoors
Emérita’s Leadership

Emérita enjoys making El Tamarindo a better home for her children, and passing on her skills. In her words, “Thanks to FEED we can serve food to the children of our community and at the same time I feel happy of sharing experiences with my neighbors and friends.”

Alejandra standing outside
Alejandra’s Aspiration

Even though she’s only 6 years old, Alejandra has big dreams. She wants to be a teacher and follow in her mama’s footsteps. Through Feed the Children’s support, she receives backpacks, school supplies, vitamins, toys, shoes, school meals, and preventive deworming medication.

Monica smiling in her home
Monica’s Confidence

Monica was hoping for food to help her make it through the month. But she wasn’t expecting the extra help that Feed the Children would provide. She said that the gift of personal hygiene items, in the Avon dignity box she received, brought her to tears.

Lemuel standing indoors
Lemuel’s Determination

Most days, Lemuel goes to school hungry. He sometimes misses class because he has nothing to eat in the mornings. When there are extracurricular activities, Lemuel asks to be excused. He spends the extra time collecting recycled materials to sell.

Saidi Hidaya standing in front of her home
Hidaya’s Dream

Hidaya is good at math, and she wants to become an engineer when she grows up. She told us, “I hope that through this I will keep on studying hard for a long time. I believe that it will help me to make my dream come true.”

Meredith smiling outdoors
Meredith’s Compassion

Meredith is a long-time, dedicated Feed the Children supporter with a passion for giving back to others. His story echoes the story of many donors: personal and inspiring.

Kathy and her son smiling
Kathy’s Love

Kathy’s love for her child is what keeps her going when times are tough. But despite her hard work, Kathy often faces impossible choices.

John and Greg standing outside
Greg’s Hope

Greg is a really special kid with an amazing outlook on life. Even though he’s only 8 years old, he has big plans for his future. He loves science, and dreams of becoming a physicist when he grows up. He likes to help his dad with cooking, but sometimes supplies run short.

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