Nearly 4,500 Malawian children die every year from diarrhea — 90% of whom can be directly blamed on poor water and sanitation conditions. That is just too many children lost to a fixable problem.

And we plan to fix it.

With our corporate partner, Procter & Gamble, we’ve launched a 5-year effort with USAID to reach orphans and vulnerable children. We call the project “Let’s Raise Them Up” or “Tiwalere” in the local Chechewa dialect.

Here’s how it works in Malawi:

  • We identified the 170 areas where kids are most vulnerable to unclean drinking water.
  • We worked with the government to build local Community-Based Child-Care Centers in those areas.
  • There, we teach volunteers (who teach others) about health, hygiene, and water, and we give out the P&G packets.

Building this network of volunteers allows us to reach 70,000 people with clean water by providing nearly 50 million liters of clean drinking water each year.

P&G’s WaterGuard is easy to use and can save lives. Feed the Children makes sure it gets into the hands of people who desperately need it.