Kid's Disaster Packs

When everything is lost, children need something they can hold on to.

When the storm winds blow, the waters rise or the fires rage, children can lose their sense of safety and security. Younger children, especially, struggle to understand what has happened. Natural disasters can rob children of their homes and their precious possessions. They can take away a child’s sense of control.

You can provide a child with hope in the wake of the storm.

You can help provide comfort and security to a child affected by disaster by partnering with Feed the Children to assemble Kid’s Disaster Packs. To host a Kid’s Disaster Pack event with your church, corporation or organization, purchase the recommended supplies, place them in zip lock bags, and mail them to Feed the Children. We’ll add The Comfort Quilt coloring book with counseling resources and place the items in backpacks to be given to children affected by disaster.

Each backpack will provide a child with items to meet their need for emotional support, comfort and safety.

Let’s help our children now, so they can be safe during emergencies.

For more information or to get involved, please complete the form below, or call the Kid’s Disaster Pack Team

(405) 815-4234

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