If you’ve ever volunteered, donated, or supported any charity organization, you’ve likely heard statements like: “We provide food to millions of families worldwide”. Or, “because of your generous donation of “x” amount, you’ll provide “y” number of meals for families in need”.

But, have you ever wondered if the claims are true?

We believe donating, volunteering, or supporting any organization is an amazing thing. It does more than provide food and essentials for people in need. It provides hope. Hope to those who sometimes feel hopeless.

So, it’s only natural that you’d want to ensure your contribution is spent where it will make the most impact.

That’s why today we’re taking you behind the scenes, so you can see how your donations help provide food and essentials to families all over the world.

Donors, Donors, Donors

Here at Feed the Children, there are three important donations made:

  • The donor who donates money.
  • The corporate partners who donate resources.
  • The volunteer who donates time.

These three components allow us to create what we call our 8x multiplier.

Here’s what that means.

Mary is someone who donates $100 to our organization. Marcus, a volunteer, has made a commitment to help once a week in one of our distribution centers. And General Mills, one of our corporate partners donates 2,000 boxes of cereal with an offer to sell 20,000 more boxes of cereal at pennies on the box.

Mary’s $100 enables us to purchase the discounted boxes of cereal from General Mills. Those boxes of cereal then arrive by one of our trucks to the Distribution Centers we have placed around the United States.

When those donations arrive, Marcus spends his donated hours unpacking pallets and adding the cereal to hundreds of boxes. Those boxes are then sent to our community partners, such as The Boys & Girls Club.

This process is then repeated.

Thousands of donors like Mary send cash, multiplying all the other contributions as we transform money into food and essentials with the help of volunteers and partners.

So, when we say “your generous donation of x amount helps provide food and essentials to families worldwide”… we meant it.

Here’s What To Do Next

Without you, there is no us. Your donations are the hands and feet that serve others both domestically and internationally.

We have one central vision: to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry.

Every day we work to make sure this vision is a reality. But we can’t do it alone.

It takes hard work, dedication, focus, and everyone working together.

Will you help make that vision a reality? We’re always looking for donors, volunteers, and corporate partners who share in our mission: to provide hope and resources for those without life’s essential.