Through our work in Tanzania, children in more than 30 schools are empowered to defeat hunger and poverty. Feed the Children has incorporated school-based income generating activities such as a dairy cow project, poultry keeping and beekeeping. Through these projects, students learn livestock skills in a practical way, which is knowledge that can be taken home to share with their families. Students also learn how nutrition can help them stay healthy and increase their attendance at school.

We work with local communities to create Village Savings and Loan (VSL) groups (locally called VICOBAs) and have trained field officers to become VICOBA promoters to extend this approach to more communities. Last year, more than 1,000 caregivers participated in these groups, increasing access to capital through group savings and administering loans to group members. These members also garnered important skills in financial management, learned market strategies, and gained knowledge on how to start small businesses. These VSL groups focus on women and offer members a safe place to save money and take loans where formal banks may otherwise not be available.

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