Around the World

FEED in Action

Hunger is a global problem and Feed the Children operates in areas where we can make the biggest impact. Use our interactive map to learn more about our work.


Feed the Children helps children in Northern Uganda find hope for their future.


Through our work in Tanzania, children in more than 30 schools are empowered to defeat hunger and poverty.


Since 1984 our work expands beyond meals to developing community self-reliance.


In more than 800 communities throughout Malawi, Feed the Children is devoted to early childhood development.


Since 1993, Feed the Children has fought hunger in Kenya, taken in babies who've been abandoned and provided care for children with special needs.


In Honduras, Feed the Children works to break the cycle of poverty for families in 18 communities each day.


Since 1994, we’ve helped Guatemalan children in need defeat hunger and create a brighter future!

El Salvador

Since 1987, Feed the Children has worked in El Salvador to create communities where no child goes to bed hungry.