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Five Food Supply Chain Predictions for 2022

Originally written by Are Traasdahl, expert from Nasdaq and Crisp

Supply chains have struggled since the pandemic started. And CEOs, investors and other food industry stakeholders should be prepared for another bumpy year. Stockpiling inventory might be acceptable for toilet paper, but it doesn’t work well in the business of selling milk, pork, or other perishable food items.

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Time to Come Clean on Hand-Washing Investment

Originally written by Helen Clark, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, experts with Devex

“Now wash your hands.” Often seen on the walls of public toilets around the world, this phrase highlights how vital hand-washing is to prevent the spread of disease. Yet for millions of people, the signs might as well say, “Now fly to the moon.”

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What Does Malnutrition Really Look Like and How Does it Affect Children?

Originally written by Kate Schneider, RDN

What is malnutrition? And, what does it really look like? Kate Schneider, RDN joins Feed the Children to discuss current myths surrounding malnutrition and the reality about how the condition really affects the body.

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