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Food Deserts and How They Impact Health

Originally written by experts with Medical News Today

Food deserts are regions where people have limited access to healthful and affordable food. This may be due to having a low income or having to travel farther to find healthful food options. Without access to healthful foods, people living in food deserts may be at higher risk of diet-related conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

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Explaining Inflation to Kids

Originally written by experts with GoHenry

Turn on the news or sit around any dinner table, and it's likely there will be a mention of inflation, gas prices, or the increasing cost of groceries. Helping kids understand and navigate complex concepts like inflation in an age-appropriate way is an important component of financial education, along with introducing debit cards for kids and other money topics.

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Explaining inflation to kids

Agroforestry Approaches For Gardens and Small Farms

Originally written by Elizabeth Waddington with Treehugger

Agroforestry is the combination of agriculture and forestry. It is different from traditional forestry and agriculture in the way that it focuses on the relationships between components rather than on just the components themselves. It can be beneficial when implemented at a range of different scales.

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