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16 Ways Kids Can Give Back without Leaving the House

Originally written by Kate Loweth from Red Tricycle

It’s so important to give back to our community, and this is a lesson we especially want to teach our kids this year with all that is going on in the world. Whether they choose to befriend an elderly neighbor, send thank you notes to the military or support their local animal shelter, kids will learn that helping others makes them feel good, too!

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Child wearing mask at event

10 Secrets for Raising a Kind and Compassionate Child

Originally written by Colleen Temple with Motherly

We all want the best for our children. I think that's something all parents can agree on no matter who you are or what your life looks like. It's something that unifies us as parents. Setting our kiddos up for "the best" in life largely depends on their foundation. What kind of people are we helping to shape now?

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How to Make the Most Out of Dinner with Your Children

Written by Anne Fishel, Ph.D for The Family Dinner Project series on child development

Of any age group, teens may have the most to gain from eating dinner with their families. Numerous studies over the last 15 years reveal that dinners can protect teens from engaging in a host of risky behaviors: smoking, drinking, getting pregnant, developing an eating disorder, and using drugs. Teens who dine with their families also report experiencing less overall stress, feeling more known by their parents, and having better relationships with them. (CASA, 2012)

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