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Thanksgiving is a busy time. Generally, this holiday comes with one or several big dinners as well as many visitors. On top of that you need to keep your children busy and their bellies full. Extend the festivities of the holiday to their snacks with these amazing recipes and ideas. After all, kids have wild imaginations so you can let their creativity run wild and they’ll have fun with these Thanksgiving snacks.


Apple Lollipops

Nothing says fall more than an in-season fruit, like apples! While some picky eaters might turn their noses up at a healthy snack such as apple slices, they’ll definitely be begging for more than one of these apple lollipops.

There’s no real recipe for this because it’s so easy. Start by purchasing lollipop sticks at your local craft store, dollar store or bulk food store. Then, cut apples into wedges and stick a lollipop stick in the bottom of the apple wedge. You can decorate them with melted chocolate, melted caramel candies or Greek yogurt for a frozen apple pop! There are so many great ways to get creative and your kids will love these.


Easy Turkey Fruit Platter

Another great way to encourage your little ones to eat more healthy foods is to get creative with the presentation. This recipe shows how you can transform an ordinary healthy plate of fruit into a fun Thanksgiving-themed one.

The turkey body starts with a pear that is cut in half. Create a beautiful, fanned tail by strategically placing chopped fruit on the platter.

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Healthy Pumpkin Oat Cookies

Nothing gets me more excited for Thanksgiving than a good ol’ pumpkin recipe. We’ve created an extremely easy and healthy pumpkin oat cookie recipe just for you!

The fun toppings will lure your kids in, and the flavor will have them asking for more. Thanksgiving is a busy day and considering these cookies are so healthy you could even serve them to your kids for a quick breakfast on the go!

Get the recipe here:


Crescent Roll Cornucopias

Cornucopia baskets remind me of traditional Thanksgiving decorations and that is what makes this snack so unique. These edible cornucopias are adorable, healthy and fun enough that your kids will want to eat them, even the vegetables!

This recipe will walk you through a few tips and tricks to achieve the perfect crescent roll cornucopia baskets. Get creative and cut the veggies into different shapes such as pumpkins and leaves. To complete the snack, serve with a side of their favorite dip.

Get the recipe here:  


Turkey Veggie Tray with Homemade Ranch Dip

Much like the turkey fruit tray, this recipe shows how you can turn an ordinary snack into an intriguing and unique one. This veggie tray is fun to put together and you could even have your kids help you.

You’ll also be provided with a creamy homemade ranch dip recipe that will pair perfectly with the veggies. Create the snack together and then gobble it up together too.

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