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It’s really tricky to find good videos sometimes and so here is your teacher approved list of Christmas Around the World Videos for Kids.  These videos are all about customs and traditions in different countries that are not too religious.  Unfortunately, we could not represent every country we would talk about because those videos just don’t exist, but here are the ones that we found that will work well for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.


Holidays All Around the World (7:00)

This is a super sweet tune about all of the diverse holidays people celebrate all around the world.  They are broken into groups of four so the kids can easily sing along with them.  “We celebrate peace and love all around the world.”  The song itself is about 3 minutes long.  (Fast forward to 1:00 for the song to begin).



Christmas Traditions Around the World (1:52)

A quick review of several different countries and how they celebrate.  Countries represented are Australia, the U.K., and Italy.



Kids Talk About the Holidays (2:34)

This video starts with a short conversation with Elmo about how all the holidays are the same – family, love, and lights.  It then goes to the kids talking about what holiday they celebrate and what it means to them.



54 Holiday Greetings from Around the World (3:04)

This video is so amazing. BuzzFeed asked their fans to wish people happy holidays how they do where they live.  This video is a compilation of people all over the world doing just that.


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