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Study Shows Pandemic Stress Affects How Parents Feed Their Children

Originally written by experts with John Hopkins Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the lives of families everywhere. Household routines have changed, with families forced to spend more time than usual at home. School-aged children may have to prepare their own snacks and meals in between virtual classes, and parents might have less time to cook family meals because of their work-from-home schedules.

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Child eating with a spoon

Kids Are Philanthropists, Too!

We humans — and within the philanthropic sector specifically — naturally resist change. Yet, in the shadows of COVID-19, we have the opportunity to set a new course for society. “Historically pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine the world anew.

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5 Reasons to Read with Your Little Ones

Originally written by experts with Local Anchor

Books are a magical way to spend time with your kids (yes, even babies). Reading gives you a way to bond without screens and children’s songs on repeat 500 times a day, and they’re just plain fun to read. Also, there’s an unbelievable sense of accomplishment and pride for both of you when your child learns to read a new word by themselves!

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Toddler with a book in a car seat
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The Table - Feed the Children

The table is where you gather to share meals, ideas and the events of your day. It's where you make plans and collaborate to achieve a common goal. Take what you’ve learned today and help a family who need food and essentials. We’ve saved you a seat at The Table.