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Are Most Parents Doing Away with Thanksgiving Kids' Table?

Originally written by Terri Peters with Today

A new survey reveals that more often than not, families are forgoing the kid's table during their Thanksgiving meals and seating their little ones right next to grown-up dinner guests. The poll says more than half of parents — 61 percent of those surveyed — do not create a separate kids' table for their holiday gatherings.

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Use Random Acts of Kindness to Improve Your Holidays

Originally written by Patricia Davis, MS with Intermountain Healthcare

During the holidays we’re more likely to reach out to one another in service and love. At least, that’s what we’re told we should do. In reality, we’re strapped for cash and time. Our hearts might not swell with good will as we try to figure out just how to get through the season, let alone how to make a difference as we do.

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5 Scientific Reasons Family Dinners Are Important for Your Child

Originally written by Patrick A. Coleman, expert with Fatherly

Family dinner has already entered a dystopian Black Mirror phase for many families. Parents and children skulk into the kitchen to attain their bowl of nourishment. They then retreat to chew thoughtlessly in front of the glowing screen of their choice, with nary a grunt passing between them.

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