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8 Tips for Getting Your Child into The School Routine After Winter Vacation

Originally written by Larissa Marulli, expert with

After a long winter vacation, getting your child back into a school routine can be a bit of a challenge. We all know by now that teachers are amazing, so they're prepared for your kids after winter vacation, and they're expected to be tired.

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Homelessness During the Winter: Here’s How You Can Help during the Brutal Cold

Originally written by Konstantin Toropin and Ben Naughton, experts with CNN

As temperatures plunge across the country, staying indoors and warm is not always an option for the nation’s homeless. The National Weather Service warns that hypothermia can occur in temperatures even as high as 60 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if the person isn’t properly dressed.

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How Getting Kids to Make Grocery Lists and Set the Table Can Improve their Vocabulary and Willingness to Learn

Originally written by Beth Daley expert with The Conversation

Reading, writing and math are often thought of as subjects that children learn in school. But as a psychologist who researches how families can help support learning at home, I have found that children can also learn those skills through everyday tasks and chores.

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