Supply chain around world


COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the economy.

You may be aware of the problems manufacturers and retailers are having to get products to customers. Raw materials and other products arriving from overseas have slowed to a trickle. Here at home, the labor shortage is affecting farming, trucking and manufacturing.

All this creates shortages for many critical products, including the food and essentials that stock the shelves for everyday people like you and me. Or the materials required to package them safely. Or the speedy delivery that fresh meat, poultry, seafood and produce require.

In the end, this results in shortages that translate to much higher prices for food. For example, as you read this, the commodity price for meat and grain are dramatically rising.

This situation has already created great hardship for many of our neighbors who depend on the food and essentials you help us provide, and who could face empty plates at their dinner table this Thanksgiving. And it’s likely to get worse.

That is why we are taking measures now to prepare for this looming food crisis, ahead of the holidays.

In short, many of our neighbors will go without this holiday season because they can’t afford the higher prices that these shortages have created. And that’s why I need your help.

Your gift today will help fill the gap created by rising costs for food and essentials.

Thankfully, our drivers, our warehouse teams, our volunteers, and our community partners stand ready to meet the challenge, to provide the food and essentials that can spell the difference between a holiday season of warmth, gratitude, and grace, and one of worry, disappointment, and even hunger.

COVID has taken a terrible health and economic toll on our nation and our communities over the last 18 months. It continues to be a cruel enemy, especially to our many neighbors who face food insecurity, as it interrupts our food and essentials supply chain.

As we face this latest challenge together, I am so grateful we can count on you once again. Thank you.


Travis Arnold

President and CEO