How Tommy Is Fighting Poverty

Poverty is a root cause of hunger. Help break families out of poverty so they can feed their children, and their children can grow up and out of poverty too.

I'll join the fight

Tommy’s family lives in extreme poverty in El Salvador, but thanks to the 15-year-old’s dedication and child sponsorship, change is already happening. His father plants corn for his family to eat because most of the time it’s very hard for him to afford food for his five children and his wife on the unreliable income he earns from odd jobs. But Tommy is responsible beyond standards most of us would expect of a 10th-grader, and he not only remains in school — a huge factor in ending poverty — and does his best to get good grades, but he’s always looking for a job to help support his family. Tommy began attending Feed the Children’s tailoring project, where he discovered that he likes tailoring and learned the trade very quickly. Noticing that Tommy was the best student in his class, the teacher hired him to help with a paid project. Soon, his neighbors began asking Tommy to make shirts for them, but he couldn’t make them at home without a sewing machine. He made a few shirts at the project, but he could make only one or two shirts in a week since the project is focused on pants. When Feed the Children staff saw Tommy’s talent and dedication, they decided to give him a sewing machine to use at home. Now Tommy can make the shirts for his neighbors and earn more money for his family. Tommy and his family are extremely grateful for the opportunities child sponsorship has provided. Through Feed the Children’s programs, the family not only receives food every week for the children, but a hardworking young man is creating a bright future for himself and his family.